Elidio Gonzales Custom 1971 Chair, Taos N.M. #2. F1459

Absolutely original, hand-carved wood chair by the New Mexican Furniture Maestro Elidio Gonzales. Chair is perfect condition with lovely Peacock Fan back carving. Elidio was born on September 24, 1930 and passed away on Monday, April 11, 2016. Elidio was a resident of Roswell, New Mexico at the time of his passing. He also attended school After his ...

Monterey Classic Branded Rope Seat Wing Chair F1010

This Classic Monterey must have has been professionally restored to an Old Wood and Red Monterey finish. Hemp rope has been used and New Leather cushions in a darker tone are on order. Branded and Piece still has its unusual Texture though out . This is a standout for any Rancho, Monterey and or Spanish ...

Monterey/Coronado Fiesta Red Side Chair Frame SOLD F743

Beautifully detailed hand-painted decoration recalling the Monterey craftsmen, with a lightness and charm reminiscent of the Coronado line. A beautiful result of the brilliant rivalry between the exponents of the Monterey style. Really gorgeous, solid, completely restructured, original finish and ready for your seat covering of choice. $1,500

Monterey/Coronado Green Side Chair Frame F742

Really beautiful painted decoration with its fresh greens and scarlet distinguish this chair frame. Not branded, so we remain uncertain of the manufacturer, though the decorations feel very Monterey to us, while the light-heartedness and grace of its design suggest Coronado. A restructured charmer in its original finish ready for the seat covering of your choice. $750