Graziella Jacoby Portrait of Victor Daniels, Chief Thundercloud 1930s P607


A beautiful drawing of a beautiful man, Victor Daniels, Chief Thundercloud, the first Tonto, who is therefore forever immortal in the hearts of the now aged children who watched him up on the screen in those first two serials. Rendered in assured strokes of the pencil and heightened with colored pencil and pastel, this portrait ...

M.C.Kinney Reclining Male Figure: Boxer 1920s P588


A powerfully executed figure study in oils with a fantastic amount of period flavor. The gloves, the old-fashioned leather jockstrap, the slicked down hair, the leather boxing boots, all definitely date this painting to the 1920s. We aren't sure if the hand-lettered M.C. Kinney on the reverse of the canvas is the artist's name or ...

Charles Payzant Watercolor, Double-sided: Cowboy on Winter Ranch/ Market Scene P586


Generally acknowledged as one of America's most gifted watercolorists, Charles Payzant (1898-1980) made his own choice between the two by signing the Cowboy, whose restrained palette of brown and dun give it a special distinction, but we love the Market Scene too, with its almost Dufy-esque pops of color among the flowers and fruit. Artwork measures ...

Joseph L Deitch Fashion Illustration 1940s: California Sportswear: Boating Togs P584


Denim, espadrilles, culottes, Mexican themed prints, matelot stripes... getting the picture? Fashion on board, and almost overboard. Forties fashion fun in California Casual style. Particularly charming is the couple reflected in the glass of the cabin door, more fashion ops in the offing. Price on request. Artwork measures 12" x 15". Ink and watercolor on illustration board.  

Joseph L Deitch Men’s Fashion Illustration: Evening Wear 1940s P583


The enigmas of fashion illustration are navigated charmingly in this ink and watercolor wash work: caught by the streetlight a man in a white dinner jacket is escorting a knockout redhead in a long white evening gown with a green belt and matching opera gloves, while in the foreground a jolly older man in a ...