Adirondack Lodge/Log Cabin Lamp Hand Carved Base & Shade L468


Nifty lodge or cabin lamp in the Adirondack style. Moose on base near a Fir Tree. Hand carved shade with linen backing.. 28 x 18 x 18. Moose missing its antlers: still displays well. Ready for your cabin as is or have my wood carver add antlers to your desired specs. Circa 1940. Call for pricing.

Mexican Retablo Painting On Tin: The Holy Trinity c.1900 M506


Glorious imaging of the Trinity as three men, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the idea of the Trinity empohasized by their triangular halos. Very unusual iconography. MEXICAN RETABLO and EX-VOTO ART  Retablos, better known as 'laminas' in Mexico, are small oil paintings on tin, wood or copper which were used in home altars to venerate the almost ...

Cactus’n'Jackrabbit Themed Covered Wagon Mood Lamp, Carved Dried Cholla and Printed Paper 1950 SOLD L416


This is a hoot. And it's also quite lovely. We're calling it Cowboy Art. And any kid would want it for a night-light. Of any age. Cylindropuntia fulgida, the Jumping cholla, also known as the hanging chain cholla, is a cactus that is native to the Southwestern United States and northern Mexico. SOLD,    

Horse Windmill Weight, Cast Iron, 19th Century SOLD A448


This graceful figure of a cast iron horse functioned as a windmill weight. Used during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, windmill weights were made in a wide variety of forms. Some were used as governor weights, later replaced by springs. Others were used as a counter-balance on vaneless mills only to be replaced by tail vanes and ...

Thelma Queen Collins Folk Art Portrait of Rebel, A Horse SOLD P528


Astonishing bold and simple, the flat background achieving a pure Pop effect and the beautiful modeling of the roan horse's head made that much more striking by contrast. 1973, Amarillo, Texas. We wish we could see more of this painter's work: Thelma Queen Collins (1897-1982). Oil and acrylic on board. Art measures 24 x 18, ...

Arts and Crafts Hand Carved 1930′s Cedar & Mahogany Chest F656


A truly amazing piece of workmanship in the arts and crafts vibe. Made of thick strips of mahogany and cedar. Nice size. Not to big not too small. In great condition. Original hardware. Combo lock has been disabled. Brass flathead screws used throughout. One of a kind. Goes with industrial, Monterey, Deco and/or arts and ...

Mexican Folk Art Relief Wood Carving Cathedral Scene M233


Absolutely delightful naif genre scene of  a Mexican church or cathedral with a volcano in the background, rendered in low relief in a wood carving. It most resembles the outlines of Basilica of Guadelupe, sacred to Our Lady of Guadelupe, on the outskirts of Mexico City, with the volcano Popocatepetl in the distance, but must ...