Mexican Colonial Revival Style Wrought Iron Hanging Lantern L469


Mexican Colonial Style Hooded Hanging Lantern in wrought iron. Painted a medium dark green. Heavy and well made... I believe these were made back in the 60's when this style first had a revival as I have had at least one other in the last 10 years of my business. Large and really makes a ...

Mexican Colonial Polychrome Tin Hanging Lantern with Spanish Hook L466


A beautiful turn of the century polychrome hanging Mexican tin lantern with semi-frosted glass: Including wrought iron wall mount lion hook. Amazing perforated tin or steel details almost all complete and ready to use. Once powered by paraffin, now newly wired. Interior or covered patio use only. Lantern is 24 tall x 10 deep x ...

Monterey Classic Milk Stool Lamp, Wood & Wrought Iron F771


This lamp simply spells home, and the frontier, and rural America. Equipped with a double dose of nostalgia, for the vanished Old West of ranches and homesteads it evokes, and the vanished pre-war California Dream it comes from. A beauty. In the original Old Wood finish. Price on request.