Mexican Retablo Painting On Tin: Priest in Embroidered Vestment 19th Century M505


Absolutely haunting portrait, beautifully rendered. In the delicacy of its imagery reminiscent of a Mughal miniature. 14" x 10.5"          $350.  

Large Mexican Tlaquepaque Tourist-Ware Charger 1930s Man with Basket on Head M450


Once plentiful and ubiquitous, Mexican tourist-ware from the 30s, often called Tlaquepaque for the town outside Guadalajara along the old Pan-American Highway whence so much of it originated, is now collected for its freedom and expressiveness and personality, as well as its increasing rarity (the pieces are fragile). Not derived from any deep-seated folk traditions, but ...

Mexican Hand Painted Batea (Tray) M179


Hand carved and painted Mexican Batea Tray circa 1930's 11.5" $67.50 Using the traditional technique of Quiroga, Michoacán, these bateas have been made in this village for over 450 years. The wooden platters were used for offerings, marriages, dance dramas, processions, parades, and for decoration. These bateas were hollowed out by way of meticulous carvings with small ...