Monterey Classic Trunk In Old Wood Fantastic Wrought Iron Circa 1929 F1189


Just when I think I have seen it all. An amazing old wood finished Classic Monterey branded foot-locker  Trunk with the THE most amazing hand wrought iron all over. Unique. One-family-owned all its life. All I have done is wax this great piece. More rare and unique pieces coming from this one-family-owned-since-new collection. Price on request

Monterey Buckaroo Classic Rope seat Couch Spanish GreenF1159


Rare and wonderful ! Unusual and extraordinary ! This Monterey Buckaroo Classic Couch is a Unique survivor. This is the one actually featured in the famous Monterey Coffee table book by Roger Renick. Original Spanish Green factory finish has been enhanced over the years. The painted Panels are original as is the Rope. Double Branded ...

Monterey (for Bullocks Wilshire) Prohibition Bar c.1932 SOLD F787


We acquired this Prohibition Bar from the original family that bought it new (in 1932) through Bullocks Wilshire. Called a Prohibition Bar, since it was designed (with a wink) to conceal its true purpose and function while masquerading as an ordinary cabinet, this piece and its ingenious brothers found favor even after the repeal of ...

Monterey Classic Old Wood Dining Table with 4 Humpback Chairs – Branded SOLD F775


This Table and Chair set is finished in its original Old Wood finish. The set came with 4 chairs, 1 arm chair and 3 side chairs. We also have 2 additional chairs in the same design that need refinishing. The chairs are presently covered in yellow leather, the table cross braced in hand forged wrought ...

Monterey Spanish Green Dining Table with 6 Keyhole Chairs, Floral Decorations SOLD F773


Classic Monterey Table and 6 chairs. Branded. early set. Complete with 4 leaves and restored to its original finish this dining room set is an absolute treat for the eye and in terrific condition. Owned by one family since it was first bought new in Pennsylvania. Table measures 30" tall x 58" wide x 35" ...

Monterey Classic Milk Stool Lamp, Wood & Wrought Iron F771


This lamp simply spells home, and the frontier, and rural America. Equipped with a double dose of nostalgia, for the vanished Old West of ranches and homesteads it evokes, and the vanished pre-war California Dream it comes from. A beauty. In the original Old Wood finish. Price on request.