The Fak Hongs Numero D’Illusion Le Plus Grand Du Monde Poster P1122

The Fak Hongs developed into a franchise that continued into the thirties with different troupes being assembled and sent out on tour all over the world. Their origins remain, as is only fitting, deeply mysterious. Billed as a Japanese revue yet sounding very Chinese, the show definitely had legs. The sinister Orient, with its intoxicating incenses, hints of white slavery and unabashed yellow-face has always delighted. This poster still does. Who these men were remains unknown to us here at the store, and to the internet at large.

Colorful and large circa 1910 French magic poster for “The Fak Hongs,” printed by “E.Mirabet – Valencia.” The impressive promotional display features circular portraits of the two oriental brothers along with a myriad of assorted magical images and tricks, including that of what appears to be their grandest illusion, the decapitation of a woman. “Numero D’ Illusion” and “Le Plus Grand Du Monde” are printed along the base. The poster, which is free of any restoration or cosmetic enhancement, is linen backed (not a recent application) and exhibits a number of minor tears, primarily along the fold lines. Excellent condition overall. An exceptional and extremely visual large format turn-of-the-century magic poster from The Fak Hongs’ European engagement. 49″ x 73″. In terrific condition. Framed. 55″ x 78″.