“The Nellie-Belle 1929” Set of Nine Silver Plated Cups SOLD A465

These couldn’t be more charming, or more teasingly mysterious. So we contacted our favorite jazz-age mentalist, Joseph Dunninger, “The Master Mind of Modern Mystery” (1892-1975), and this is the transcript of what he was able to transmit to us: “I see a millionaire… no, he is posing as a millionaire… he has leased a yacht he has rechristened the Nellie-Belle and he is giving a New Year’s Eve Party he has invited every fat cat millionaire in Palm Beach to attend… he is trying to enroll them in his latest Ponzi scheme… he wants to impress them but he is very cheap and the commemorative silver goblets have been ordered in silver plate… he is counting on the bootleg champagne to obscure this fact… ┬áit works… these nine were stolen the night of the party by a pair of brainless blonde floozies… when the Crash came later that year, alas, no pawn shop would accept the cups… I am getting tired now… not to worry, Trixie and Dixie did all right… they moved to Hollywood…”