Theo A. Kochs Black Antique Barber Chair F1428

Antique Theo A. Kochs black leather barber chair. Nice patina on the ironwork.

Price on request.

About Theo A. Kochs’ Chairs:

The Theo. A. Kochs Company was one of the first companies to be in the barber supply business. It was established in Chicago during the late 1800’s (estimated to be around 1871).

Kochs barber chairs are made with high quality materials, that’s why they are reputable. Before the turn of the 20th century, most of the company’s barber chair designs were made of wood (mostly Walnut, Cherry or Mahogany) with elaborate ornamentation. The earlier models, which were plainly named No. 9, No. 5 or No. 25, had a separate footstool. These models didn’t have mechanisms for adjusting the height, so the company charged extra for an accessory to raise the seat.

Aside from barber chairs, Kochs also sold barbers’ furniture such as stools, barber poles, mirror and dressing cases, mug cases, shelf cases, cabinet brackets, work-stands, wash-stands, hall racks, towel cases and looking glasses. Almost all of their models have remarkable engraving that’s typical of the Kochs brand.