Wieland’s Beer Box A895

24″ long, 17″ high and 14″ deep. Made by the Oakland Box Factory. Who are to be congratulated on their work: this is one solid piece. Weathered, and obviously pretty indestructible.

Price on request.

The Wieland Brewery was located on a block of 2nd Street, between Howard and Folsom in San Francisco, from 1856-1920, and housed all the brew tanks, bottling facilities, and offices. John Wieland, gold miner, baker and beer baron, bought the already thriving Philadelphia Brewery, eventually becoming its sole owner and renaming it Wieland, and building it into one of the most successful and largest breweries on the west coast. Wieland died in a fire in 1885, and the brewery was sold to San Francisco Breweries LTD (but continued to operate under the name Wieland Brewery), who also owned three other breweries in town.