William Manker Pottery Vase 1935-39 CA412 SOLD

Unusual shape. In the deco/moderne style. A clear turquoise and aubergine glaze so characteristic of Manker’s work.


William Manker Pottery

William Manker,¬†fresh out of design school, began his ceramics career with Batchelder-Wilson Tile Company in 1926. In 1932 he opened his own Pasadena studio and quickly attracted a following. As the business prospered larger facilities were found in 1935 at Padua Hills, producing beautiful vases, bowls, ashtrays, lamp bases and florist items. William Manker Ceramics were easily recognizable by their distinctive glazes. Usually Manker would begin with a base color, over which was blended a contrasting color. In addition another color would be employed on the inside of a piece. Like many California potters, rising imports and labor costs in the late fifties adversely affected the business and William Manker Pottery production ceased. Fragile and elegant, William Manker Pottery’s output continues to be much sought after. His impact on the decorative arts in California was further continued and amplified by his tenure on the highly influential art faculty at Scripps College.