A wooden Brockmon’s J. A. Bauer Sign from Laguna Beach’s famed Pottery Shack SOLD B365

As far as we know, this painted and shellacked Bauer sign is unique. It certainly has been on a journey: originally created to advertise Bauer ware at Brockmon’s, it passed through that well-remembered and outrageous destination store, The Pottery Shack in Laguna Beach, and eventually found its way here. A Rebekah jar is pictured. Where or when Brockmon’s flourished is, sadly, lost to the workings of time. The Pottery Shack still survives and thrives, though much less flamboyantly, as “The Old Pottery Place”, where you may find offices, gift shops and food purveyors under its roof. Sign measures 22 1/2″ diameter.

Price on request.